About Us

The Central Walleye Trail (CWT) launched in 2014 with four tournaments in Manitoba. Our reach expanded quickly into Ontario and Saskatchewan, and now covers 11 open-water walleye tournaments.

The CWT is run by a committee of volunteers from the three included provinces who are experienced anglers, CWT members, tournament organizers and sponsor representatives

Our mission is as follows:

The Central Walleye Trail (CWT) is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing anglers in Central North America with an exciting and competitive fishing trail experience.

Through our sponsors, tournaments and dedicated organizing committee, the CWT will continue to develop, enhance and promote sport fishing for our anglers and our communities.

You can contact the CWT committee at:

2021 CWT Committee Members

Justyne Biy
John Butts
Serena Code
Dan Goulet
John Guzej
Carolyn Kosheluk
Randy Lewis
Verne Wyatt

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